Date :  January 17, 2023

January 19, 2023, 16:00 (CET) - ARWA/Archaeology in Action Lectures

"Digging a Kurgan. Technical and
Methodological Approach to the Excavation of the Kurgan 8 at Uzun Rama

Stefano Valentini - SPEAKER (CAMNES, Florence), Bakhtyar Jalilov (ANAS, Baku),  Nicola Laneri (University of Catania)

Date: January 19, 2023, Thursday
Time: 16:00 (CET, Rome)
ID: 813 4794 5224

In the excavation of Kurgan 8 at Uzun Rama (Azerbaijan) the archaeologists of the GaRKAP followed a very rigorous approach, based on the stratigraphic method and a ‘simplified version’ of the Harris matrix. On the field an open area excavation was preferred to the strategy normally adopted in the excavations of these funerary structures, based on small sounding and/or trenches. The contribution of photogrammetry and 3D renderings allowed archaeologists to modify the strategy of excavation in real time, always guaranteeing a general view of the operations. Furthermore, the multidisciplinarity of the team, made up of archaeologists and physical anthropologists, was an added value when the interior of the funerary chamber, with the burials, was excavated. All these factors, put together, have allowed archaeologists to reconstruct the biography of the kurgan, obtaining unexpected results, above all relating to the reuse of the structure during his life. This progression over time has therefore returned the complexity of this funerary context, assimilating it to a short film rather than a snapshot.
Seminars program:
AAA lectures - Caucasus - 2023 Program (8 lectures) Organizers: Elena Rova & Alessandra Gilibert

19.01.2023 Stefano Valentini, Bakhtiar Jalilov, Nicola Laneri – “Digging a Kurgan. Technical and Methodological Approach to the Excavation of the Kurgan 8 at Uzun Rama.”

02.02.2023 Shorena Davitashvili – “The Late Bronze / Early Iron Age Sanctuary of Nazarlebi (Georgia) and its Deposits.”

23.02.2023 Svend Hansen – “Menhir-Statues between Caucasus and Atlantic Sea.”

02.03.2023 Sandra Heinsch, Walter Kuntner – “The Urartian Presence in Armenia and its Cultural Legacy.”

09.03.2023 Sarit Paz – “Households and Community in the Kura-Araxes Village of Kvatskhelebi, Georgia.”

16.03.2023 Francesca Bertoldi, Hasmik Symonian, Ruzan Mrchktyan, Ashot Piliposyan, Pier Francesco Fabbri – “The Archaeology of Violence in Late Bronze Age Armenia.”

30.03.2023 Irina Gambashidze – “Alte Metallurgie im Kaukasus.” (preliminary date and title)

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