SoRS - CAMNES School of Religious Studies

Director: Nicola Laneri (CAMNES, University of Catania)

The School of Religious Studies (SoRS) of the Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (CAMNES) is a research institute dedicated to the investigation of religion in ancient and modern communities, with a particular interest in the Mediterranean region.
The School’s primary objective is to create a bridge between religious beliefs and the practices associated with them. The research approach is to undertake a detailed study of the role played by material culture in connecting with the divine by the members of the involved communities.
Under the umbrella of the Lorenzo de Medici Institute (LdM) in Florence and Rome, the School of Religious Studies coordinates the Department of Religious Studies (REL), which offers US accredited university courses to its students. For the summer period, the School organizes related programs and workshops at the LdM venue in Tuscania to interested individuals and students. 


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