Date :  August 8, 2017

The beginning of a collaboration between CAMNES/Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute (LdM) and the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (ANES)

In June 2017, members of the CAMNES and LdM Institute (Dr. Stefano Valentini and Dr. Nicola Laneri) met in Baku with Dr. Maisa Rahimova, the Head of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the ANES, and other archaeologists of the same institute (including Dr. Najaf Museibli and Dr. Bakithiyar Jalivov), to discuss possible forms of future collaboration. As a result of these meetings, a Memorandum of Understanding for the purpose of joint archaeological projects has been recently signed. The MoU aims at starting collaborations between the two institutions in the field of the management of the ancient heritage of Azerbaijan including archaeological and restoration joint projects. In particular, during the meeting has been discussed the possibility of a joint Azero-Italian project with a co-direction between Dr. Bakhitiyar Javilov (ANES) and Dr. Nicola Laneri (CAMNES/LdM) in the region of Ganja (northwestern Azerbaijan) in order to map and excavate the numerous kurgans (i.e., funerary tumuli) dated to a period ranging from the 4th to the 1st millennia BCE. The first season of the new joint project (GaRKAP= Ganja Region Kurgan Archaeological Project) is planned to begin in late Spring of 2018.

The National Academy of Sciences at Baku (azerbaijan)

The Flame Towers of Baku (Azerbaijan)

Kurgan in the Ganja Region landscape (Azerbaijan)

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