Responsabile comunicazione, Egittologa

In 2013 she obtained her degree in Storia e tutela dei beni archeologici (History and Protection of Archaeological Heritage) from the University of Florence (title of the thesis in Egyptology: Survey on Meritaten, Princess and Queen; advisor: Prof. Gloria Rosati) and, in 2016, in Orientalistica: Egitto, Vicino e Medio Oriente (Oriental studies: Egypt, Near and Middle East) from the University of Pisa (title of the thesis in Egyptology: Private Funerary Cults During the Amarna Period).
Her scientific interests regard mostly the Amarna Age (with a particular focus on Akhenaten’s succession) and private religion during the New Kingdom (especially for what concerns funerary beliefs and burial goods).
She worked at the Museo Egizio in Turin and, inter alia, she managed the development of the new museum website and the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the wider public (2016-2018). During the same work experience, she guided groups and single people in tour, both in Italian and in English.
She was a member of the editorial team of the Rivista del Museo Egizio, the scientific journal of the Museo Egizio, in Turin (2016-2018).
She was an intern at the Egyptian Museum of Florence being deeply involved in the digitalization of the paper archive of the collection, the reorganization of the same and the rearrangement of the galleries of the museum (2012, 2015).
She collaborated with CAMNES, during the Eleventh International Congress of Egyptologists (2015).
She wrote various scientific articles and she published books for the wider public.
She held, and still holds, lessons regarding archaeological and egyptological themes to adults, university students, young adults and children, both in Italian and in English.
She took part in Etruscan, Roman and Medieval excavation campaigns. She joined the Albo dei Giornalisti (Register of Journalists) in 2011.


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