Responsabile comunicazione, Egittologa
She is currently conducting her PhD in Egyptology at the University of Birmingham, with a research project focused on private funerary beliefs at Deir el-Medina and Tell el-Amarna. In 2013 she obtained her BA in History and Tutelage of Archeological Heritage from the University of Florence, and, in 2016, her MA in Oriental Studies: Egypt, Near and Middle East from the University of Pisa. 
She is an ICOM/CIPEG (International Council of Museums) and IAE (International Association of Egyptologists) member.
She worked at the Museo Egizio, in Turin, where, inter alia, she was a member of the Editorial Team of the Rivista del Museo Egizio, managed the development of the new museum website and dealt with the dissemination of scientific and academic data to the wider public (2016-2018). 
She was an intern at the Egyptian Museum of Florence, being deeply involved in the digitalization of the paper archive of the collection, the reorganization of the same and the rearrangement of the galleries of the museum (2012, 2015).
She is a member of the Editorial Board of SANEM - the series of the scientific publications of CAMNES - and one of the Specialist Editors of the Rosetta Journal. She is currently involved in the Shabti Translation Project of the University of Birmingham. 
She has written various scientific papers, and published books for the broad public; among the others, she has recently published “Butehamon. A scuola di scrittura nell’antico Egitto” (Sillabe) and “I segreti di Tutankhamon. Storia di un faraone tra mito e realtà” (Longanesi, to be released in October 2022).
She has taught Archaeology and Egyptology, both in Italian and English.
Her scientific interests mainly concern the Amarna Age and private religion during the New Kingdom, with a particular focus on funerary beliefs and burial goods.

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