Recognition award
of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella,
for the 11th International Congress of Egyptologists


International Association of Egyptologists
Mainz, Germany 

University of Florence – SAGAS 
Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, 
Fine & Performing Arts
Firenze, Italy 

Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana 
Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
Firenze, Italy 

Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies
Firenze, Italy 


Marilina BETRÒ
University of Pisa - ITALY

Christian GRECO
Egyptian Museum, Turin - ITALY

Maria Cristina GUIDOTTI
Egyptian Museum, Florence - ITALY

Salima IKRAM
American University in Cairo – EGYPT, CAMNES - ITALY

Vice-President IAE, University of Lyon 2 - FRANCE

University of Milan - ITALY

Daniela PICCHI
Civic Archaeological Museum, Bologna - ITALY

University of Florence - ITALY

Gihane ZAKI
Helwan University – EGYPT, Egyptian Academy in Rome - ITALY


Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana - ITALY

Stefano CASCIU
Polo Mueale della Toscana - ITALY

Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies, Firenze - ITALY

Maria Cristina GUIDOTTI
Egyptian Museum, Florence - ITALY

Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana - ITALY 

University of Florence - ITALY

Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies, Firenze - ITALY



Amr Mostafa Kamal Helmy
Ambassador of Egypt in Rome

Maurizio Massari
Ambassador of Italy in Cairo

Gino Famiglietti
General Director Archaeology (MiBACT)

Ugo Soragni
General Director Museums (MiBACT)

Luigi Dei
Full Professor University of Florence

Alberto Tesi
Rector of the University of Florence

Enrico Rossi
President of the Tuscan Region

Dario Nardella
Mayor of the city of Florence

Paola Grifoni
Regional Secretary of Tuscany (MiBACT)

Sergio Donadoni
Accademia dei Lincei, Emeritus Professor 'La Sapienza' University of Rome

Anna Maria Donadoni Roveri
Former Director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

Silvio Curto
Former Director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

Edda Bresciani
Accademia dei Lincei, Emeritus Professor of the University of Pisa

Alessandro Roccati
Emeritus Professor of the University of Turin

Sergio Pernigotti
Emeritus Professor of the University of Bologna

Pier Roberto Del Francia
Former Director of the Egyptian Museum of Florence

James Allen
President of the International Association of Egyptologists (IAE), Prof. Brown University

Fayzal Haikal
Former Professor at American University in Cairo

Ali Radwan
Former Professor at Cairo University


Marta Aquilano
Valentina Biolzi
Iolanda Cacozza
Elisa Cardosi  Riccardo Catone
Elisabetta Cianfanelli
Martina Di Marcoberardino Caterina Fantoni
Valentina Galvini
Laura Gazzarrini
Maria Imbrenda
Alessia Ieva
Elisa Merendelli  Silvia Nencetti
Alessandro Salotti
Valentina Santini
Maria Tumiotto


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SUNDAY, AUGUST 23rd 2015


Congress Sessions - Via Capponi 9 (n.1 on the map)

3.00 – 9.00 PM

>>>> PRE-registration <<<<

PALAZZO VECCHIO, Salone dei Cinquecento                                                      Piazza della Signoria (n.5 on the map)

5.00 – 7.00 PM

Plenary Opening Session

Welcome Addresses by the Civil and Academic Authorities


Mamdouh el-Damaty

Minister of Antiquities and Heritage - Arab Republic of Egypt

Ancient Egypt, Contemporary Egyptology. Assessment, Issues and Future Perspectives

Fathi Saleh

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, CULTNAT - Advisor for Heritage to the Prime Minister, Arab Republic of Egypt

Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age

Orto Botanico, Giardino dei Semplici– Entrance: Via Capponi 9 (n.1 on the map)

8.00 PM

Welcome Reception






MONDAY, AUGUST 24th 2015 - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9



>>>>    9.00 – 9.30 AMREGISTRATION    <<<<


9.30-10.30 AM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)


Session 1: SOCIETY

Session 2: RELIGION


Session 4:LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 5: HISTORY

Session 6: HERITAGE





A. Schütze

Tracing economic mentalities in Ancient Egyptian legal documents

C. Leitz

The decoration program of the recently excavated rooms in the temple of Repit at Athribis (Upper Egypt)


L. Bareš, J. Janák, R. Landgráfová

Uroboros in the shaft-tomb of Jufaa at Abusir

M. B. Arquier

Les relations entre l’horloge stellaire diagonale et le corpus de Textes des sarcophages dans le sarcophage intérieur de Mésehti (S1C)


F. Borrego Galliardo

New evidence on the prince Intefmose from Dra Abu el-Naga


D. M. Grimaldi, P. Meehan, L. Amaro

The transformation of the Theban Tomb TT39. a contribution from a conservation viewpoint to its history after its dynastic occupation




S. Allam

Bemerkungen zum Testament in Altägypten


V. Altman-Wendling

Min and Moon – Cosmological Concepts in the Temple of Athribis (Upper Egypt)


J. Bennett

A Report on the Excavations at Tell Timai (Thmuis): The North Western Zone of the City


M. Ayad

The Opening of the Mouth Ritual: An Analysis of the Selection, Layout, and Possible Sources of Monumental Versions dating to the 25th and 26th dynasties

Ali Abdelhalim Ali

Overwriting in the titles of Ptolemy XII in the Temple of Kom Ombo


M. Hanna

How do the modern Egyptians perceive the Ancient Egyptian heritage?



10.30-11.15 AM

coffee Break




Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)


Session 7: SOCIETY

Session 8: RELIGION


Session 10:LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 11: HISTORY

Session 12: HERITAGE





R. Bailleul-LeSuer

The Role of Wildfowl and Captive Birds in the Economy of Dynastic Egypt

R. Baligh

Oil and its importance in Egypt from the oldest times


M.-C. Bruwier

« In search of Cleopatra’s temple»: a documentary research and an archaeological prospection in Alexandria

I. Cariddi

Silence in theEloquent Peasant: themes and problems

G. Arrache Vertiz

Hatshepsut in Puimra’s tomb, TT 39


Ibrahim A. A. Ibrahim

Networking the Global Egyptian Heritage: Fayoum as a Case Study




F. Bartos

Royal butlers in the New Kingdom


S. Beck

Sāmānu as Human Disease


G. Capriotti-Vittozzi, A. Angelini

Tell el-Maskhuta project. Multidisciplinary Egyptological Mission of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

A. I. Blasco Torres

The ancient Egyptian dialects in the light of the Greek transcriptions of Egyptian anthroponyms


D. Guo

Relations between Egypt and Canaan in the Middle Kingdom (ca. 2000-1650BCE.)


P. Lacovara

A Heritage in Peril: The Threat to Egypt's Urban Archaeological Sites





L. Bertini, S. Ikram

Food for the Forces: An investigation of military subsistence strategies in New Kingdom border regions


S. Caßor-Pfeiffer

Milk and Swaddling Clothes for the Horus child. The Scene Opet 133–134 and its Ritual Context

G. Cavillier

Progetto “Butehamon”: prospettive e ricerche nella necropoli tebana.


A. Coyette

Nouvelle lecture d'une scène de la théogamie d'Hatshepsout


M. Bárta

Whither Old Kingdom history? The ‘punctuated equilibria’ concept


H. Brandl

The M.i.N Project: Researching antiquities from the Eastern Nile Delta



12.45-2.30 PM

Lunch Break



2.30-4.30 PM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 13: SOCIETY

Session 14: RELIGION

Session 15: ART and ARCHITECTURE

Session 16:LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 17: HISTORY

Session 18: MUSEUMS




M. Czarnowicz, A. Ochał-Czarnowicz

The Emerging Egyptian State and the Role of the Nile Delta in its Foreign Policy

N. Billing

"It is I, your son; I am Horus" - Patterns of ritual agency and spatial progression in the pyramid of Pepy I

J. Babcock

Overlapping and Contradictory Narratives in Ancient Egyptian Visual Programs


E. M. Ciampini

Notes on the inscribed Old and Middle Kingdom Coffins in the Turin Museum


K. McCorquodale

The Two Eldest Sons of MTTj Reconsidered

C. Derriks

Tell el-Amarna. Trésors inconnus des Musées royaux d’art et d’histoire, Bruxelles



V. Chollier

An Egyptological Social Network Analysis: the High Priest of Osiris Unnenefer and his Relatives


S. Baumann

“He completed it with silver, gold, copper and every precious stone”. The Crypts and the Treasury Complex in the Temple of Athribis

E. Cole

Contextualizing Coffin Text 335

D. McCormack

The Thirteenth Dynasty at Abydos: A Working Hypothesis


N. Lavrentyeva

The Papyri of Amduat Type in The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow



L. Weiss

Religious practice at Deir el-Medina



A. J. Morales

From rite to monument: the foundation and early transmission of Pyramid Texts


C. Bayer

Receiving Life in Perpetuity – Observations on the Decoration of the Piers in the Tomb of Amenhotep II (KV 35)

G. Chantrain

Did you say “Egyptian”? A lexical study through the outskirts of the concept of “Egyptianity”

K. Cahail

A Family of 13th Dynasty High Officials Appearing on a Group of Reused Limestone Blocks from the Tomb of Pharaoh Senebkay at South Abydos

D. Czerwik

Middle Kingdom Coffin of Khnum from the National Museum of Warsaw




T. Baber

The Mummy Pits of Ancient Egypt: An Investigation into a Lost Burial Form


L. Corcoran

Heb Sed in Perpetuity? Tutankhamun as the Lunar Osiris


K. Braulinska

Cats and dogs of Hatshepsut


E.-S. Lincke

A more or less Egyptian city. Perspectives from a study of East Delta toponym classifiers



A. Dodson

The Egyptian Coffins in the Collection of the Manchester Museum






TUESDAY, AUGUST 25th 2015 - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9


9.00-10.30 AM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 1:             MATERIAL CULTURE

Session 2: RELIGION

Session 3:                            ART and ARCHITECTURE

Session 4: LANGUAGE and TEXTS

 Session 5: HISTORY

Session 6: e-gyptology Workshop




K. Arias Kytnarová

Morphological origins of the so-called miniature cups. Functionalist simplification in the ceramics?


M. Dolinska

Tuthmosis III and goddesses


R. Clark

Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt from the Early Dynastic Period to the Third Dynasty.


C. Di Biase-Dyson

Similes are like Metaphors. On the use of mj ‘like’ in ancient Egyptian metaphorical language


R. Gozzoli

Historiography and Egyptology: A failed dialogue?


V. Razanajao, T. S. Richter

General Presentation




J. Auenmüller

Late Period Bronze Casting: The workshop artifacts from the Qubbet el-Hawa


D. Elwart

Ceci n’est pas une danse : le mouvement ḫb réinterprété


T. Bagh

Akhenaten in the house




V. Desclaux

The Appeals to the living ones during the Old Kingdom


G. Gestoso Singer

Love and Gold in Cross-cultural Discourse in the Amarna Letters


H. Wilbrink

Egyptology in the digital era



J. Baines

Uses and symbolic associations of the wheel in ancient Egypt


G. First

The “pantheistic” deities. Research on iconography and role of polymorphic deities - preliminary report


S. Connor

Stones and statues: symbolism and hierarchy in the Late Middle Kingdom


J. Cooper

Non-Egyptian placenames in Old Kingdom Egypt: evidence for foreign languages on the Nile at the dawn of Egyptian civilization


L. Bongrani

Ay e la sua famiglia: le origini e l'ascesa al potere


V. Razanajao

The Digital Topographical Bibliography: new perspectives for documenting ancient Egyptian texts and monuments

10.30-11.15 AM

coffee Break



Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 7:             MATERIAL CULTURE

Session 8: RELIGION

Session 9:                            ART and ARCHITECTURE

Session 10: LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 11: HISTORY

Session 12: e-gyptology Workshop




J. Budka

Votive pottery for Osiris: new finds at Umm el-Qaab, Abydos



E. Froppier

La spécialisation funéraire du pilier-djed et du nœud-tit au Nouvel Empire; bilan et perspectives de recherches


L. Coulon

La typologie des

édifices osiriens à Karnak au Ier millénaire av. J.-C. Travaux de la mission archéologique et épigraphique «Sanctuaires osiriens de Karnak» (CFEETK, IFAO, UMR HiSoMA (Lyon) et Orient et Méditerranée (Paris), INRAP)

A. Safronov

The lexeme dbjas a designation for the troops of Sherden mercenaries in the Egyptian New kingdom army


V. Gasperini

The tomb of Lady Maket and its implications for chronology and trade in the Late Bronze Age Fayum in the light of a recent comprehensive analysis of the funerary assemblage


A. Omar, K. Azzab, M. Eissa, A. Mansour

Bibliography of Arabic Publications in Egyptology: A New Initiative




J. Davidovits, F. Davidovits

Non-destructive analysis on 11 Egyptian blue faience tiles from the II and III Dynasties


G. García-Fernández

The Moon god Iah in ancient Egyptian religion


M. Coppola

Notes for a building history of the temple of Ramesses II at Antinoe: the architectural investigation



B. Egedi

Reconsidering possessives in Middle Egyptian and beyond


M. Nuzzolo

King and his documents. A reconsideration of the glyptic evidence concerning the Fifth Dynasty Sun temples


C. Naunton

The Egypt Exploration Society’s Archives: a progress report



E. de Gregorio

A huge votive pottery deposit found by the Spanish Mission at Dra Abu el-Naga


K. Goebs

Myth and its role in Egyptian Cultural Memory


A.-L. Mourad

Clash of Cultures: Portraying the Foreign Asiatic in Beni Hassan's Middle Kingdom Tombs


M. Zöller-Engelhardt

Who am I - and if so, how many? Some remarks on the “j-augment” and language change


R. Diaz Hernandez

"Sammeln" in den Totentempeln aus dem Alten Reich


S. J. Allen

The Photographic Archives of the Excavations of George Andrew Reisner in Egypt and Nubia

12.45-2.30 PM

Lunch Break


2.30-4.00 PM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 13:             MATERIAL CULTURE

Session 14: RELIGION


Session 16: LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 17: ARCHIVES

Session 18: e-gyptology Workshop




A. M. Pollastrini

Alcune considerazioni sulla recezione di tecnologia militare straniera nell'Egitto della XVIII Din.: il caso delle armature

J. Hoffmeier

The Great Hymn of the Aten: the Ultimate Expression of Atenism?


B. Bader

A late Middle Kingdom Settlement with irregular lay-out at Tell el-Daba


T. Pommerening

Medical Re-enactments: Ancient Egyptian Prescriptions from an Emic View

G. Cafici

Bernard von Bothmer and Ptolemaic sculpture: Papers on Ptolemaic art from his archives held at the Università degli Studi di Milano

P. Kalchgruber

Crowd sourcing in Egyptology – Images and Annotations of Middle Kingdom private tombs




I. Hein, P. Lopez, G. d‘Ercole

Ceramic research through digital image analysis


A. A. Maravelia

The function & importance of some special categories of stars in the ancient Egyptian funerary texts


P. Chudzik

Tombs of High Officials at Asasif Necropolis During the Middle Kingdom and Beyond. Preliminary Report of Work Done by the Polish Mission

M. Franci

Semiotic and Cultural Analysis of the Ancient Egyptian Sexual Sphere

S. Cincotti

"Karnak is in peace": the european excavations in the manuscripts of Jean-Jacques Rifaud


A. Van der Perre

The combined use of IR, UV and 3D-imaging for the conservation and study of small decorated and inscribed artefacts



A. Hood

Bringing optically stimulated luminescence dating to Egyptian ceramics from museum collections


N. Guilhou

Des étoiles et des hommes : peurs, désirs, offrandes et prières


A. Consonni, T. Quirino, A. Sesana

Before and after the Temple: the long lifespan of the necropolis in the area of the Temple of Millions of Years of Amenhotep II - Western Thebes


R. Enmarch, Y. Gourdon

Report on the first two seasons of the Hatnub Epigraphic Project





M. Á. Molinero- Polo, A. Martín Flores, J. Martín Gutiérrez, C. Ruiz Medina, L. Díaz-Iglesias Llanos, F. Guerra-Librero Fernández, D. M. Méndez Rodríguez, L. Navarrete Ruiz, M. Rivas Fernández, O. Soto Martín

Technology of augmented reality for the diffusion of the historical graffiti in the temple of Debod

4.00-4.45 PM

coffee Break


4.45-6.15 PM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 19:             MATERIAL CULTURE

Session 20: RELIGION


Session 22: LANGUAGE and TEXTS


Session 24: e-gyptology Workshop




S. Emerit

The harps of Dra Abu el-Naga: an exceptional discovery for the knowledge of ancient Egyptian musical instruments


E. Jambon

L’offrande des bouquets montés à Edfou et Dendara: remarques préliminaires


M. De Meyer

Ritual activity in forecourt areas of Old Kingdom rock tombs at Dayr al-Barsha


M. A. García Martínez

Unpublished versions of books of the afterlife, related to astronomical purposes, at Hatshepsut funerary temple





K. Vértes

Tradition and Innovation – Epigraphy in the Digital Age




C. H. Roehrig

A Reinterpretation of The “Sporting Boat” from the Tomb of Meketre (MMA 20.3.6)


V. Jensen

Predynastic Precursors to the Festival of Drunkenness


L. Díaz-Iglesias Llanos

The Book of Going Forth by Day in the funerary chamber of Djehuty: past, present and future


N. Gräßler

Expressions for parts of the eye in different text genres


A. Meza

Ancient Egyptian  Heritage in the Guadalquivir Valley: Material Culture, Religious Thought and Science

W. Wendrich

Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online: an international cooperation




G. Eschenbrenner-Diemer

L’artisanat du bois en Égypte ancienne (Fin VIème-Début XIIème dynastie): le cas des modèles funéraires.


H. Kockelmann

Enemies at the Gates of Philae. Apotropaic Door Decoration and Rituals for Protecting the Entrances of Sacred Spaces

B. Bryan, R. Walker, S. Ikram, J. Irish

Execration and Execution: A Skeleton of a Bound Captive from the Mut Temple Precinct


B. Haring

Cracking a Code: decipherment of the necropolis workmen’s marks of the New Kingdom



L. Fuduli

Forme di imitazione egizia nella decorazione architettonica ellenistica di Nea Paphos


  A. Stevenson, J. Baines, E. Libonati, S. GloverDeveloping a resource to understand the international distribution of finds from British excavations 1880-1980: the Artefacts of Excavation project








Wednesday, AUGUST 26th 2015 - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9


9.00-10.30 AM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor) 

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 1: MUMMIES


Session 3:                            ART and ARCHITECTURE


Session 5:

Session 6: RELIGION




 R. Bianucci , R. Loynes, L.M. Sutherland, P. Charlier, P. Froesch, R. Lallo, J. Fletcher, S. Buckley, A. G. Nerlich

Unravelling the cause of death of a 18th dynasty élite individual (QV30)

W. Ejsmond, J. Chyla, P. Witkowski, D. F. Wieczorek, D. Takács, M. Ożarek- Szilke

Results of the New Archaeological Research at Gebelein

A. David

Akhenaten as the Early Morning Light: Revisiting the 'Consecration' Ritual in Amarna


F. Ebeling

The pre-egyptological concept of Egypt as a challenge for Egyptology and the efforts to establish a research community


S. Bickel

The Royal Family in the Kings’ Valley

N. Picardo

The Social and Cultic Significance of Soul Houses from Settlements




A. Charron, S. Porcier, S. Ikram, S. Pasquali, R. Lichtenberg, S. Mérigeaud, P. Tafforeau, P. Richardin, C. Vieillescazes, G. Piques, F. Servajean

Étude des momies animales du musée des Confluences à Lyon (France) - Premiers résultats



C. de Araújo Duarte

Scenes from the Amduat on the funerary coffins and sarcophagi of the 21st Dynasty


F. Hagen

Buying antiquities in Egypt, 1900-1930: The travel diaries of the Danish Egyptologist H. O. Lange



R. Flammini

What´s in a title? On Rulers and Rulership in the Second Stela of Kamose (K2)

E. Liptay

Scenes representing temple rituals on Third Intermediate Period coffins




 J. Hill, M. A. Rosado

The Abydos Dynasty: a paleopathological examination of human remains from the SIP royal cemetery

P. Gallo

Exacavations at Nelson’s Island, Abouqir : between Greece and Egypt


K. Cooney

Coffin Reuse at the End of the Bronze Age: Ritual Materialism in the Context of Scarcity


K. Ridealgh

Polite like an Egyptian? A Reassessment of ‘Politeness’ in the Late Ramesside Letters



H. Franzmeier

Qantir-Piramesse, Capital City of Ramesside Egypt?

C. Van den Hoven

The composition of the coronation ritual of the falcon at Edfu: a comparative approach

10.30-11.15 AM

coffee Break




Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

 Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 7: MUMMIES


Session 9:                            ART and ARCHITECTURE


Session 11:

Session 12: RELIGION




L. McKnight, C. Price

Gifts for the Gods – the post-excavation histories of votive animal mummies in British museum collections


J. M. Galán

Ahmose-Sapair in Dra Abu el-Naga


J. Debowska-Ludwin, K. Rosinska-Balik

Early Egyptian architecture and the art of plaiting


L. Manniche

The Obelisk on Monte Celio in Rome


C. Geisen

Expression of loyalty to the king - a socio-cultural analysis of basilophoric personal names dating to the Old and Middle Kingdoms

Wahid Attia Mohamed Omran, Nagoua Zoair

The Judgment Court Scenes in Unpublished Tombs of El-Salamuni Necropolis



 R. Loynes

Manchester Museum collection of human mummies – A CT scan review revealing unusual findings relating to pathology, embalming and wrapping techniques



V. Chauvet

It's not all about sex, or is it? The place and role of mothers in private tombs decoration


P. Piacentini

News from the Serapeum: An unknown album by Auguste Mariette in the Egyptological Archives of the Università degli Studi di Milano


N. Harrington

The experience of childhood in ancient Egypt


F. Löffler

The "Throne of the Gods" (Room E) in the temple of Edfu




S. Mainieri

Investigations on the coffin and the mummies of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples


A. Graham

Channels, canals and colossi in the Theban floodplain: the interconnected landscape of Amun-Re


I. Tamer Fahim

Egyptian Costumes in Persian Taste


Y. El Shazly

The Registrars of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo: Pioneers in the Field of Collections Management in Egypt

 Shih-Wei Hsu

You up; I down - Orientational metaphors concerning ancient Egyptian Kingship in iconographies and inscriptions



12.45-2.30 PM

Lunch Break


Wednesday, AUGUST 26th 2015 - AFTERNOON - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9

2.30-4.30 PM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 13: MUMMIES


Session 15:                            ART and ARCHITECTURE

Session 16: COPTIC


Session 18: RELIGION




F. Rühli, M. Habicht, S. Buckley, A. Bouwman, L. Oehrstroem, R. Seiler, T. Böni, R. Bianucci

 “Evidence” in identifying Royal and non-royal mummies: General considerations and a specific example (mummified remains from QV 66; Queen Nefertari)

S. Harvey

Inscribed Material from the Pyramid of Queen Tetisheri at Abydos


A. Stupko-Lubczynska

Reading the procession of offering bearers in the Chapel of Hatshepsut  (Deir el-Bahari)


J. Cromwell

Scattered Vineyards and Wine Management

(Tell el Farkha)

R. Czerner, G.Bąkowska-Czerner

Cult and its place in the Greco-Roman town in Marina El-Alamein


A. von Lieven

“May He Let Descend Many Years for Me!” A ritual for the prolongation of one’s life from Ancient Egypt




I. Stünkel

CT scanning Nesmin – a new view of his amulets


A. Hallmann

Funerary linen from Deir el-Bahari


B. Gilli

Reproductive traditions and archaisms in the Middle Kingdom


R. Pirelli, P. Buzi, I. Incordino, A. Salsano

Results of the first seasons work at the the "Monastery" of Abba Nefer in Manqabad: architecture, findings and cultural context

A. Eller

Nomes during the Hellenistic and Roman periods: the case of the Metelite nome


D. vonRecklinghausen

The non-local gods in the temple of Esna. In search of their function in the rituals of a sanctuary in Roman period Egypt



S. Zakrzewski

Biography, Identity and Kinship in Bioarchaeology


A. Hodgkinson

Nefertiti's necklace: Recent excavations at a jewellery workshop in Amarna's Main City


Nour Galal Abd-el-Hamid

King's Standing statue with forward-striding stance: A new Interpretation According to religious texts

Hind Salah El-Din Awad

A new light on Coptic afterlife (O.4550 from the Coptic museum in Cairo)


P. Butz

The Ptolemaic Dedication of Archepolis in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina: Materiality and Text


A. McClymont

Gone but not forgotten: The erasure of the so-called sem-priest in Theban tombs




J. Jones, T. F. G.  Higham, R. Oldfield, S. A. Buckley

Towards mummification. Evidence for prehistoric origins in Badarian and Predynastic burials

S. Ikram

Creatures, Kings, and Caravans: Results of the North Kharga Oasis Darb Ain Amur Survey


M. R. Guasch-Jané, S. Fonseca, M. Ibrahim

The complete corpus of viticulture and winemaking scenes from the ancient Egyptian private tombs


Sherin Sadek El Gendi

La Circoncision chez les Coptes


M. Flossmann-Schütze

Études sur le cadre de vie d’une association religieuse dans l’Égypte gréco-romaine : l’exemple de Touna el-Gebel

J. M. Serrano Delgado

Le sanctuaire intérieur du tombeau de Djehouty: rituels funéraires au temps de Hatshepsout







Wednesday, AUGUST 26th 2015

5:00-8:00 pm


Egyptian Museum

Entrance: Via della Colonna, 38 (n.2 on the map)


Reserved visit for delegates

Welcome reception in the Museum Garden





Thursday, AUGUST 27th 2015 - MORNING - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9

9.00-10.30 AM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)


Session 2: LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 3:                            ART and ARCHITECTURE


Session 5: SOCIETY

Session 6: e-gyptology Workshop




P. Boffula Alimeni

Dalla sabbia alla teca: alcuni esempi di interventi conservativi eseguiti su alcuni papiri del Museo Egizio di Firenze


J. Jay

Demotic Literature and the Phenomenon of “Memory Variants”


M. Hartwig

The Unfinished Tomb Chapel of Neferrenpet, TT 43


J. Iwaszczuk

Progress of Work on the Reconstruction of the Temple of Thutmose I


N. Lazaridis

Carving out identities in the Egyptian desert: ancient travelers of Kharga Oasis


S. Schweitzer

The Text Encoding Software of the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyotiae



M. Borla, C. Oliva

"The mummies of the "three sisters" in the egyptian museum of Turin: a case study. Conservation and studies of textiles and bandages"

R. Jasnow, H. Beinlich

On the Demotic-Hieratic Fragments of the Book of Fayum


J. Schmied

Doors to the Past. Rediscovering fragments in the new blockyard at Medinet Habu


S. Ivanov

Tomb of Thay (TT 23): Seasons 2006–2014


F. Jamen

Nouvel examen du matériel funéraire de la cachette de Bab el-Gasous : étude de la nature des relations unissant les rois-prêtres, leur famille et quelques membres privilégiés des élites

S. Polis, S. Rosmorduc, J. Winand

Ramses goes online. An annotated corpus of Late Egyptian texts in interaction with the Egyptological community



S. Brinkmann, C. Verbeek

Laser-cleaning of Ancient Egyptian Wall Paintings in the Tomb of Neferhotep TT 49



K. Jasper

The Ha Text of Hapuseneb, High Priest of Amun. A Case Study on the Phenomenon of Creation and Re-Creation

B. A. Judas

A New Interpretation on the Representations of the So-called 'Hybrid' Keftiu in New Kingdom Theban Tombs


N. Shalaby

The Lithic Assemblage of Wadi Maghara: Social and Technological Organization of a Mining Community

M. Di Teodoro

Stages of labour organisation in Middle Kingdom Egypt (c. 2000–1700 BC)


A. Mansour

Learning Hieroglyphics: Step by Step Website


coffee Break

Thursday, AUGUST 27th 2015 - MORNING - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9


Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)


Session 8: LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 9:                            ART and ARCHITECTURE


Session 11: SOCIETY

Session 12: e-gyptology Workshop




E. Coville Brock

The Merenptah Sarcophagi Restoration Project


V. Laisney

Le sḏm.f circonstanciel. Une forme verbale rare en néo-égyptien littéraire


E. Kopp

The motif of the kiosk during the first half of the 18th dynasty


A. Jiménez-Serrano

Recent excavations in the Middle Kingdom funerary complexes of the necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa


S. Polis, S. Rosmorduc

A shared repository of hieroglyphic signs: the Thot sign-list



Eman H. Zidan, M. Gamal Rashed, Sbah Abdel Razak, M. Ibrahim

Three 22nd - 25th dynasties Coffins. Re-contextualizing with their archaeological Context, technical Examination and Conservation plan

M. Kupreyev

The Lower Egyptian origins of Late Egyptian


K. Kapiec

Pr-wr chests as objects for storing ritual materials – study based on the decoration in the Southern Room of Amun in the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari

N. Kawai

Some remarks on the Middle Kingdom cult ritual at a rocky outcrop in Northwest Saqqara/South Abusir.


C. Malleson

Modeling the Economy of Bread Production in the Old Kingdom


H. Behlmer

The Digital Edition of the Coptic Old Testament: Challenges and Perspectives





T. Kikuchi

spẖr zẖȝ.w n a.t jmn.t on the walls of the burial chamber in the royal tomb of Amenophis III


C. Karlshausen, T. De Putter

«Construire un temple en belle pierre blanche d’Anou». De l’usage du calcaire de Toura dans l’architecture thébaine


E. C. Köhler

Brief Report on the University of Vienna Middle Egypt Project


A. Melika

The Changing Role of Motherhood in Ancient Egypt


T. S. Richter

Contact-induced change of the Egyptian-Coptic lexicon: Loanword lexicography in the project Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic

12.45-2.30 PM

Lunch Break

Thursday, AUGUST 27th 2015 - AFTERNOON - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9

2.30-4.30 PM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)


Session 14: LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 15:                            ART and ARCHITECTURE


Session 17: SOCIETY

Session 18: e-gyptology Workshop






D. Laboury

Tradition and Creativity. Toward a Study of Intericonicity in Ancient Egyptian Art


M. Lehmann

Tell el-Dab’a in the Late and Ptolemaic Period


R. Müller-Wollermann

Die Verwendung von Münzen in pharaonischer Zeit


U. Verhoeven,

S. A. Gülden

A new long-term Digital Project on Hieratic and Cursive Hieroglyphs



S. Iskander

Documentation and Conservation Project of the Temple of Ramesses II in Abydos


A. Landborg

Listing as a method of expressing identity in the Coffin Texts


E. Lock-Cornelisse

Birds in the Marshes: a comparative study and an iconographic analysis of the birds in marshland scenes in ancient Egyptian elite tombs


F. Leclère

New research perspectives of the Mission française des fouilles de Tanis at Tell San el-Hagar, Sharqeya (seasons 2014 and 2015)


H. Navratilova

Several lives of a pyramid complex – The New Kingdom history of the pyramid complex of Senwosret III in visitors’ graffiti and New Kingdom masons’ marks

C. Maderna-Sieben, F. Wespi, J. Korte

The Demotic Palaeographical Database Project






Hamza Nagm Eldeen Morshed, Moamen Osman, Shaheen Islam abd el-Maksoud

Beyond the Visible, Combining scientific analysis   and conventional methods for documentation the collection of Tutankhamen's loincloths : Integrated approach

A. Legowski

Fractured and Reassembled. Composing Techniques of Book of the Dead Spells in Papyrus Athens EBE P2

Session 19:                          GRAECO-ROMAN PERIOD



Poster presentation

M. Massiera et alii

V. Razanajao

S. Porcier et alii


See below in the poster session program

Manal Hossain

The wesekh collar on the anthropoid coffin in Graeco Roman period in Egypt

J.-P. Pätznick

Horus "Seneferka": souverain ou souveraine?



S. Porcier, A. Charron, S.Ikram, S. Pasquali, R. Lichtenberg, S. Mérigeaud, P. Tafforeau, P. Richardin, C. Vieillescazes, G. Piques, F. Servajean

Projet MAHES «Momies Animales et Humaines EgyptienneS. Perception de la mort en Égypte ancienne à travers l’étude des animaux sacrés»

N. Leroux

Deux nouvelles «Recommandations aux prêtres» datées de Ptolémée X Alexandre Ier


K. Kóthay

Decorating Ptolemaic mummies: a case study of the mummy covers found in the cemetery of Gamhud in Middle Egypt

G. Lecuyot

Une « fabrique d’albâtre » au Ramesseum


E. van der Wilt

Lead objects from Thonis-Heracleion: dating and context


Y. Broux, M. Depauw

Egyptian Names in Trismegistos (800 BC – AD 800) and Social Network Analysis

4.30-5.15 PM

coffee Break




Thursday, AUGUST 27th 2015

5.30-7.00 PM

Battilani Room

Via Santa Reparata, 65 (n.4 on the map)


e-gyptology Workshop Plenary Session





A New Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian


General Discussion






FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th 2015 - MORNING - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9

9.00-10.30 AM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 1:  LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 2: MUSEUMS

Session 3:  ARCHAEOLOGY                      


Session 5: HERITAGE

Session 6:         MATERIAL CULTURE




F. Contardi

Among the papyri of the Egyptian Museum in Turin: some rituals from Deir el-Medina



S. Lupo, E. A. Crivelli, C. Claudia

Building B, a domestic construction in Tell el-Ghaba, North Sinai


J. Masquelier-Loorius

The Akh-menu of Thutmosis III at Karnak. The Sokarian Rooms


A. Martín Flores, M. Á. Molinero Polo

Graffiti and anthropic erosions of the temple of Debod


M. Müller

Figurative Vase Painting from the Eleventh Dynasty through to the Fatimid Dynasty: a Continuity?




D. M. Méndez-Rodríguez

The Transmission of the Book of the Twelve Caverns


M. Maitland

Servant in the Place of Truth: A.H. Rhind’s innovative Theban excavations and collections in National Museums Scotland


F. J. Martín Valentín, T. Bedman

Chapel of the tomb belonging to Amen-hotep III’s vizier, Amen-hotep huy, Asasif (AT nº -28-), Luxor-west bank. Results on the excavations (years 2009-2014)

L. Postel

Le temple d'Amenemhat Ier à Ermant



N. Nishimoto

Folding Cubit Rod of Kha in Museo Egizio di Torino, S.8391




M. Michel

A new reading of the problem 53 of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus


M. Neumann

A new papyrus from the wHm mswt in the Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection of the Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna

J. Martínez Babón

Objets découverts dans les tombes thébaines situées sous le temple de Millions d'Années de Thoutmosis III à l'ouest de Louxor

F. Müller-Römer

The construction of the Step Pyramids in the 4th to 6th Dynasty


Y. Vosmann

Neo-Egyptian objects in popular spirituality



10.30-11.15 AM

coffee Break

FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th 2015 - MORNING - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9


Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 7:  LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 8: MUSEUMS

Session 9:  ARCHAEOLOGY                      

Session 10: ART and ARCHITECTURE

Session 11: SOCIETY

Session 12:         MATERIAL CULTURE




So Miyagawa

[Independent Personal Pronoun + Copula + Noun] Constructions in Later Egyptian


D. Picchi

“Egypt. The collections of Leiden and Bologna”: an upcoming exhibition in Bologna to conclude a successful five-year agreement

C. Mondin, G. Marchiori

Four years in the Western Delta of Egypt: Recent discoveries and its impact on ancient economy


J. Brett McClain

Textual and Iconographic Epitomization in the Karnak Temples of Ramesses II


V. Tamorri

Funerary rituals in Pre- and Early Dynastic Egypt: some new perspectives


E. Walters, Amr El Gohary, S. A. Shelton, R. R. Parizek, D. P. Gold, R. Cakir, M. Panagiotaki, Y. Maniatis, A. Tsoupra

Faience and its Context from the Temple-Town Hierakonpolis, Egypt, 1978-2013



J. Moje

Language Use and Information Arrangement in Bilingual Sources from Elephantine




I. Morfini, M. M. Alvarez Sosa

Min Project: A Recent Mission in Luxor, First Season of Work and New Discoveries in the Unpublished Tombs of Min (TT109) and Kampp -327-

G. Pieke, D. Laboury

One hand – many faces: Painterly practices in the Theban Tomb of vizier Amenemope (TT 29)


A. M. Villar Gómez

A Prosopographical Study: the Theban Personnel of Khonsu During the 21st Dynasty


M. Panagiotaki, Y. Maniatis, A. Tsoupra

Technical aspects of faience from Hierakonpolis, Egypt




V. Lepper

Localizing 4000 years of Cultural History. Texts and Scripts from Elephantine Island in Egypt


J.-L. Podvin

La collection égyptienne du musée Sandelin à Saint-Omer (France)


H.-H. Muench

Displaced – Removed – Drifted: The making of the archaeological record of KV 40


M. Pitkin

Wedjat-eyes as a dating criterion for false doors and stelae to the early Middle Kingdom


E. Tiribilli

Designing the “religious space” of the Western Delta: specific sacerdotal titles and sacred geography of the Western Harpoon nome in the Late Period


F. Schmitt

Les dépôts de fondation de la Vallée des Rois : nouvelles perspectives de recherche sur l’histoire de la nécropole royale du Nouvel Empire

12.45-2.30 PM

Lunch Break

FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th 2015 - AFTERNOON - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9

2.30-4.30 PM

Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 13:  LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 14: MUSEUMS

Session 15:  ARCHAEOLOGY                      

Session 16: ART and ARCHITECTURE

Session 17: SOCIETY

Session 18:                   GRAECO-ROMAN PERIOD





Maher Eissa, Mohamed A. Nassar

Hieratic Ostraca from Tuthmosis's IV temple in Gurna


P. Nicholson

New Work at the 'Dog Catacomb', North Saqqara


A. Quertinmont

Guardians of the tomb:  The Anubis’ on bases in the Valley of the Kings and in Deir el Medina

R. Soliman

Courtiers with Dual tombs


L. Pantalacci

The city of Coptos in Ptolemaic and Roman times




R. B. Parkinson

Texts with a View: the Poetry of Place in Middle Kingdom Literature


M. D. Pubblico

The cat mummies of Società Africana d’Italia: an archaeological, cultural and religious perspective


M. Nilsson, P. Martinez

Returning to Gebel el Silsila: New discoveries and current goals of the Swedish Archaeological Project


D. Salvoldi, S. Delvaux

The Lost Chapels of Elephantine. Methodology for a Reconstruction Study through Archival Documents

A. Colonna

PANTHE(RI)ON: Ritual Practice and Cultural Construction of Egyptian Animal Worship. A Historical-Religious Perspective

I. Rossetti

Temple Ranks in the Fayyum during the Ptolemaic and Roman Period: Documentary Sources and Archaeological Data



L. Prada

Ancient Egyptian dream interpretation: Newly identified textual sources for a reassessment of the available corpus


H. Satzinger,

D. Stefanovic

Publication of the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period stelae (CAA) from the Berlin Museum.

A. Niwiński

The mystery of the “high place” from the Abbott papyrus revealed? The results of the works of the Polish Cliff Mission at Deir el-Bahari 1999-2014

A. Iob

Hieroglyphic inscriptions on some precious objects: correlation between text and support


J.-M. Robinson

Close-kin marriage, health and disability in ancient Egypt: the impact and perception of congenital abnormalities in non-royal families

P. Stanwick

Greek and Egyptian in the Sculptural Program of the Alexandria Serapeum


4.00 4.30

G. Priskin

Textual layers in Coffin Texts spells 154–160



M. C. Perez-Die

The Herakleopolis Magna Project: latest work and recent results (2012-2015)


K. Thompson

Were Components of Amarna Composite Statuary Made in Separate Workshops?

D. Sweeney

Goats, Sheep (?) and Pigs at Deir el-Medina


C. Tirel Cena

La funzione del tempio tolemaico di Deir el-Medina alla luce dell’archeologia


4.30-5.15 PM

coffee Break



FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th 2015

Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9

Room 14 (1st Floor)

2.30-5.00 PM


International Committee for Egyptology (ICOM-cipEG)







FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th 2015

5.30-7.00 PM

Battilani Room

Via Santa Reparata, 65 (n.4 on the map)

Plenary Session



The Online Egyptological Bibliography: progress report



Egyptology and Diplomacy: the Italians and the Creation of the Great Collections








FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th 2015

8:30 pm



Giardino di Boboli

Viale Niccolò Machiavelli, 24 (n.6 on the map)


Farewell Dinner Buffet








Saturday, AUGUST 29th 2015 - MORNING - Congress Sessions, via Capponi 9



Room 4 (Ground Floor)

Room 5 (Ground Floor)

Room 8 (Ground Floor)

Room 13 (1st Floor)

Room 14 (1st Floor)

Room 16 (1st Floor)

Session 1:  LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 2:         MATERIAL CULTURE

Session 3:  ARCHAEOLOGY                      



Session 6: RELIGION        




F. Iannarilli

Trattare l’immagine. Elaborazione e manipolazione della figura umana nei Testi delle Piramidi

Sherif Mohamed Abdel Moniem

Old Kingdom pottery development applying to three cases studies (Cemetery of the workers, Heit el-Ghourab and KhentKawes site)


M. Á. Molinero-Polo

TT 209. A Proposal for the Chronology of the Tomb through its Architecture and the Titles of the Proprietor


G. Baetens

Petitioning the clergy in Ptolemaic Egypt: a case of sacerdotal justice?


M. J. Raven

Khnum the Creator: a puzzling case of the transfer of an iconographic motif





E. Ryan

Setting the Scene: Narrating the ‘Promotion Episode' in 18th Dynasty Biographies


K. Takahashi

Blue Painted Pottery from a Mid-Eighteenth Dynasty Royal Mud-Brick Structure at Northwest Saqqara

H. Pethen

Roads and rituals: Investigating the visibility of the Stelae Ridge cairns with GIS.


A. Sofia

Ibycus 287P. and the Ancient Egyptian Love Songs


A. M. Roth

Passivity and Power in Egyptian Art


I. Regulski

Middle Kingdom Ritual Reflected in Writing. A Case Study from Asyut




C. Sheikholeslami

P. Turin 1966 and P. Turin 55001:  Elements of a Mythological and Ritual Cycle?



E. Pons Mellado, M. Mascort Roca, H. Amer

Area 32 of the High Necropolis of the Archaeological Site of Oxyrhynchus (El-Bahnasa), Egypt: fish offerings

M. Stroppa

The Physiologus in Egypt



A. Rickert

"The Morning of Purity": Designations of New Year's Day in the Temple of Dendara


coffee Break (30 min.)


Session 7:  LANGUAGE and TEXTS

Session 8:  BOOK OF THE DEAD

Session 9:  ARCHAEOLOGY                      

Session 10: MUSEUMS

Session 11: ART and ARCHITECTURE

Session 12: RELIGION         




W. Sherbiny

The so-called Book of Two Ways on a Middle Kingdom Religious Leather Roll


F. Weber

Not Just Another Book of the Dead. Selected Peculiarities of Papyrus Dre

sden Aeg.775


Y. Yasuoka

The Berlin Plans from the New Kingdom Period


M. Ullmann

Tradition and innovation within the decoration program of the temple Ramessesʼ II at Gerf Hussein

F. Rouffet

La déesse Tabitchet : nouvelles perspectives




Mohamed Sherif Ali

The hieratic Material discovered during the Cairo University's excavations at Saqqara


M. Tarasenko

Studies on BD 17 vignettes: Iconographic typology of (NK – TIP)


D. Raue, A. Ashmawy

Egyptian-German Excavations in the Temple of Heliopolis


B. Torrini

From Egypt to the Holy Land: first issues on the Egyptian collection in the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Jerusalem





S. Thuault

Recherches sur la dissimilation graphique dans l'Egypte de l'Ancien Empire. Vision du monde et catégorisation.


S. Einaudi

Le pratiche di redazione e trasmissione dei papiri funerari in epoca tolemaica: il caso del Libro dei Morti di Pasenedjemibnakht (Louvre E 11078)

S. Rzepka

Tell el-Retaba in Ramesside times and later. Recent results of the joint Polish-Slovak Archaeological Mission


M. Zecchi

A Ptolemaic relief with an image of the god Heh: a new acquisition at the Archaeological Museum of Bologna


C. von Pilgrim

The urban development of Elephantine in the New Kingdom and the Late Period


S. Symons

A survey of astronomical tables on Middle Kingdom coffin lids



Lunch Break (offered by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE)via Capponi 9


Session 13:  LANGUAGE and TEXTS



Session 16: MUSEUMS


Session 18: RELIGION        




S. Töpfer

A Sothis-ritual and other ritual texts from Tebtunis for the protection of Pharaoh



M. Tomorad

The Ancient Egyptian shabtis discovered in region of Roman Illyricum (Dalmatia, Pannonia) and Istria: provenance, collections and typological study

C. Zinn

Object Biographies and Political Expectations: Egyptian Artefacts, Welsh Heritage and the Regional Community Museum

C. Vogel

20 years of silence? The assumed long-lasting coregency of Senusret III with Amenemhat III – some further thoughts


K. Tazawa

Egyptian Divine Triad: Structure and Function –From the viewpoint of comparative religion–



S. Vuilleumier

Réécrire, perpétuer, innover: l’adaptation des rituels en faveur de particuliers à l’époque tardive



Mohamed Farouk

The Archaeological Map of Egypt project

J. Yellin

The interplay of Egyptian and Meroitic religion in the Dodecaschoenos


F. Ugliano

The Predynastic collection of the Turin Egyptian Museum: an integrated study of artefacts and archives for a new exhibition

G. Dembitz

The building activity of Pinudjem I at Thebes


L. Uggetti

The god Djeme




Maha Yehia

 The title Hry-pr KA: its functions on expeditions in the Middle Kingdom


R. Schiestl

Nile branches and settlements in the northwestern Delta: The survey around Buto (Tell el-Fara'in) - results and perspectives

I. L. Zych

The harbor of Berenike: reconstructing an ancient port landscape



G. Criscenzo- Laycock

The Garstang Museum: A University Collection Reinvented


Magdi Mohamed Fekri

The Protectors of the deceased in the burial chambers in the Valley of the Queens



J. Westerfeld

Hieroglyphs, Antiquity, and Christian Authority in Late Antique Egypt



M. Seco Álvarez

Excavations in the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III


Ashraf Alexander Sadek

Le Musée de Mallawi: etat des lieux apres les destructions; projects pur l’avenir.

K. Zenihiro

The career of Nakhtmin (TT 87) as revealed by his funerary cones


A. Hedges

The Egyptian Dionysus: Osiris and the Development of Theater in Ancient Egypt




H. Wang

On the Structure of Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Chinese Views


J. J. Shirley

Theban Tomb 110: Report on an Epigraphy and Research Field School




A. P. Zingarelli

Some definitions on nḏsw, nmḥw and šwtyw, social classes in pharaonic Egypt

J. Williamson

Death and the Aten: New Evidence for Private Mortuary Cults in the Amarna Period









Saturday, AUGUST 29th 2015


PALAZZO VECCHIO, Salone dei Cinquecento                                                   Piazza della Signoria (n.5 on the map)


5.00 PM



With the participation of: OFFICIAL AUT



Mayor of Florence



Abdel-Wahed EL-NABAWI

Minister of Culture - Arab Republic of Egypt



Amr Mostafa Kamal HELMY

Egyptian Ambassador in Rome-ITALY



Director of the Italian cultural Institute, Cairo


6.00 PM



NESMA Group 

Musicians from The Cairo Opera House







SUNDAY, AUGUST 30th 2015

10:00 AM


Battilani Room

Via Santa Reparata, 65 (n.4 on the map)



International Association of Egyptologists (IAE)

General Assembly






From  MONDAY 24th to  Saturday 29th

Room 7


“The Zodiac of Dendera” and other Presentations


Projection System

3 screens wide projection that shows the architectural structure of Dendera temple as well as a study of the zodiac drawn in the temple comparing it to that in tomb of Seti I and the current sky map







During the poster session authors must be present and discuss their work with congress delegates.

For the duration of the congress, posters will be displayed only on video screen in a dedicated room.


Room 9









9.00 AM

L. Hudakova, C. Jurman, U. Siffert

From Object to Icon. Visual Reflections on and the Designations of Material Culture in the Reliefs and Paintings of Middle Kingdom Tombs


Mahmoud Hanan Mohamed

One of the Earliest discovered houses at Memphis

9.20 AM

D. Karelin, T. Zhitpeleva, M. Karelina

Reconstruction of the late Roman fortresses in Egypt

A. Perraud, P. Richardin

Pluridisciplinary study of a series of 31 heads and skulls of Egyptian human mummies from the collection of the Musée des Confluences (Lyon - France)

B. Janulikova

Funerary Culture of the Memphite Region during the Early Dynastic Period

9.40 AM

I. Kulikova, D. Karelin

The 3D reconstruction of the Roman imperial cult temple at Luxor

J. Jones, R. Bianucci, T. F .G. Higham, G. L. Kay, M. Pallen, R. Oldfield, S. A. Buckley

The prehistoric 'mummy' from Turin's Egyptian Museum: preliminary scientific investigations

E. Christiana Köhler

Excavations in the Early Dynastic Necropolis at Helwan - A Summary

10.00 AM

K. E. Piquette

New insight into the Narmer Palette with RTI

I. Cornelius, R. Slabbert, L. Swanepoel, F. Teichert, T. van Zyl

Animal Mummies in South African Collections

Rabee Eissa Mohamed Hassan

A sequence of five 13th dynasty structures at Memphis










11.20 AM

A. Dzwonek

Pottery from the Early Roman rubbish dumps in the Berenike harbour

N. Timbart

Study and restoration of two mummies from the Anne-de-Beaujeu museum in Moulins



11.40 AM

K. Rosinska-Balik, J. Debowska-Ludwin

For Dead or Alive? Personal Adornments from Early Egypt – a View from Tell el-Farkha

S. Malgora, N. de Haan

Highlighting the Egyptian collection of the Castello del Buonconsiglio: the shabtis


Abdel Rahaman Medhat Mohammad Ibrahim, Basem Gehad, Heba AbdelKader, Mohamed AbdelRahman

Study Morphological surface of an Egyptian apotropaic wand at the Grand Egyptian Museum

12.00 AM

N. Sojic

Negative strategies in Late Egyptian relative clauses. A functional perspective

C. Johansson

The first Swede in Nubia and the Collection that went up in Flames

Abdel Rahman Medhat Mohamed, Momen Othman, Eslam Shaheen

Contribution of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) to imaging analysis of variety ancient Egyptian materials (Papyri, parchments, linen)

12.20 AM

A . Motte

Les «Reden und Rufe» : un motif d’origine royale?


M. Pozzi, F. Scatena

Osiris project










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Thursday, AUGUST 27th

Room 16 (1st Floor)

3.30 – 4.00 PM


e-gyptology POSTER PRESENTATION (Session 18)

Posters shortly presented by the authors (5 min.) and on digital display during slot

M. Massiera, A. Almásy, C. Cassier, J. Chun Hung Kee, F. Contardi, A. Nespoulous-Phalippou, F. Rouffet, F. Servajean


Vocabulaire de l'Égyptien Ancien (VÉgA). Plateforme numérique de recherche lexicographique

Vincent Razanajao


“Epigraphic Mission to Kom Ombo: towards a digital edition”

S. Porcier, A. Charron, S. Ikram


Projet DREAM « Database and Research on Egyptian Animal Mummies : Texts, Iconography and Bioarchaeology »




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