Massimiliano Franci
Philologist, Egyptologist

He is Professor of Egyptian Art and Archaeology and Anthropology of Food at CAMNES-LdM Institute and of Egyptology, Islamology, Ancient Near Estaern Art and History, and History of Christianity at the University Continuous Formation and Long-Life Learinig of Florence (Italy) and holder of the course of Archaeology and Egyptology for the training of tourist guides in Siena, Florence and its province. He is also Professor of Ancient Egyptian Language and Sumerian Language at CAMNES.
Memebr of the International Association of Egyptologist, he has been the secretary of the last International Congress of Egyptologists (Florence 2015). He is also member of the Foundation Andrei Tarkovsky, the Italian Society of History of Religions, and the International Association of History of Religion. His main research fields are in the Egyptian Linguistics and Philology, Egyptian Cultural Identity, and on History of Deir el Medina Village.
His monography about Ancient Egyptian Astronomy has been recently translated in Arabic an officially presented at the Cairo University in Egypt, where he awarded the Cairo Accademic distinction.
He is the author of many scientific contributions, most relevant among which are the articles: “Semitic /’a/- prefix in Ancient Egyptian execration text toponyms: protethic particle or elative case?”(2002, Egyptian Museum Collections Around the World), “Egypto-Semitic Lexical Comparison (1): New Correspondences and Phonetic Problems in the Lexicon Field of Anatomy and Physiological Functions” (2005, Franco Angeli Editore), “Quelques considérations sur le champ sémantique du déterminatif mw” (2005, L’Erma di Bretschneider), “Considerazioni fonetiche e morfologiche sui toponimi semitici dei Testi di Esecrazione egiziani” (2007, Rubbettino Editore), “Considerazioni sulla fonetica egiziana” (2007, Unipress), “Rapporti particolari tra egiziano e semitico all’interno della comparazione afroasiatica: i prestiti” (2008, Unipress), “Egypto-Semitic Lexical Comparison (2): New Correspondences and Phonological Problems in the Lexicon of Physical Environment, Spontaneous Vegetation and Wild Animals” (2009, Pułtusk Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology), “Il causativo in egiziano” (2009, Unipress), “Extension de la racine dans la comparaison égypto-sémitique” (2010, Sargon Edizioni), “Elementi di dialettologia egiziana” (Unipress 2010); the monograph Astronomia egizia (2010, Edarc Edizioni; - الفلك, (Astronomia Egizia), Cairo University Press 2015); “Typological Classes in North-West Semitic Toponymy of the Third Millennium BCE: Egyptian Execration Texts Data” (2013); “The hybrid element Egyptian iconography” (2013, Quasar); “Being a stranger in Egypt, between maintenance and loss of cultural identity: The Archaeological Data” (2013, BAR); “Problemi di Linguistica Egizia” (2014); “Egypt-Semitic Comparison: Some Considerations on Bilabials and Dentals Relationship” (2014); “Towards the Museum: Perceiving the Art of “Others” in the Ancient Near East” (2015, Brill); “La perdita dei markers delle categorie nominali in egiziano: invito ad una analisi tipologica” (2015, Harrassowitz).
He attended several national and international conferences including meetings of Italian Afro-Asiatic Linguistics (Camito-Semitic), the International Conferences for Young Egyptologists and Central European Conferences of Young Egyptologist.

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