Fulvia De Maio
Etruscologist, historian

She studied at the University of Florence where she partecipated at excavation campaingns with seminars on stratigraphics sequences; she has been working for the Regional Board (provinces of Salerno, Avellino and Benevento, Italy) of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation as a cataloguer of archaological items of Etruscan necropolis of Avella (Av, Italy).
She has been working with the Department of Archaology at the University of Siena as a co-worker at archaeological research projects (landscape archaeology, digging campaigns and landscape survey campaigns with accompanying seminars on stratigraphic sequences and items at Etruscan and Medieval Archaeological sites in southern Tuscany, Italy). Her main research field is Etruscan and ancient Italic archaeology.
She has been working also as a specialist teacher of Italian Literature, Latin, History, Geography and Italian as a foreign Language in secondary school.

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