Barbara Morelli

She was born in Florence where she studied at the Art School obtaining an High School Diploma as a ceramist.
She attended the “Accademia di Belle Arti” of Florence with a study plan oriented towards the restoration obtaining a University degree in Sculpture.
In 1981-1982 she went to the Central America where she studied the pre-Columbian ceramics and where she created manufactured articles with the ancient Indios populations’ technique that were exposed at the “Casa de la Cultura di Heredia” in San Josè, Costa Rica. At the same time she taught and worked as a ceramist at Mrs Chavarria’s atelier.
For several Tuscan townships, including Florence, she’s given courses in elementary and secondary schools  for the entire school year teaching the ancient techniques of ceramics manufacturing such as “il bucchero”.
She’s worked as a conservator of stone material for a lot of Florentine and Senese companies such as Palazzo Strozzi Sagrati in Florence, Complesso Museale Nuovi Uffizi, the Monumental Cemetery of S.Miniato in Florence and the Accademia Chigiana of Siena and she’s worked as a conservator of archeologic ceramics from different archeological areas such as the area of Rocca Sillana, the area of S.Lorenzo a Greve, Complesso Museale Nuovi Uffizi, the area of Buccino,Salerno and the archeological museum of Rimini.
She has recently finished her work as a conservator for Cooperativa Archeologica, and is now teaching the archaeological restoration course “Le mani sul passato” for CAMNES, also she’s CAMNES-LDM Archaeology Lab coordinator.

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