Anna Perdibon
Assistant Director SoRS

She is a scholar in the fields of history and anthropology of religions. Her research journey started at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, where she graduated with a BA in Cultural Heritage, course in Near Eastern Archaeology (2009), and accomplished a MA in Ancient Civilizations (2012). She obtained her PhD in ancient Near Eastern religions and mythology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2019), with a dissertation turned into a book with the title Mountains and Trees, Rivers and Springs: Animistic Beliefs and Practices in Ancient Mesopotamian Religion (2019). She engages with the discussion about animism in the studies of religion and anthropology, ancient and contemporary conceptions, practices and representations of nature, eco-spiritualities, eco-cosmologies, and religion and gender. In particular, her research and teaching deal with mythology and anthropology of plants in ancient and contemporary religious cultures. She started collaborating with SoRS as assistant director in January 2021.
Moreover, she is writer for online journals and blogs, where she talks about animism, art, ecology and storytelling.

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