Conservator, art historian

Sophie Bonetti is a conservator, an art historian and a tourist guide. She lives and works in Palermo since 2005 having married a Sicilian husband. Born in Paris, she grew up in Florence where she obtained her degree in conservation at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in the section of ceramic, plastic and vitreous materials in 1995. She then moved to New York where she collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art  in 1996-1997  and in 2000, working on the conservation of archeaological artifacts as well as Renaissance Art pieces. During her experience at the Met she carried out her research studies for  the degree in Art History at the University of Florence, based on the history of Italian goldsmith works in the Met’s collection. After the degree in 1997 she started a long collaboration with the archeaological mission of Tell Mozan in Syria, carried out by UCLA Professor Giorgio Buccellati; she was responsible for  seven years of the conservation laboratory and on site. In 1998-1999 she did and internship in conservation at the J.P. Getty Museum. In 2005 she took part to  an international mission in Etiopia, coodinated by the coop Hydea for the Ethiopian Government and World Bank as  Object Conservation Specialist. In the last  13 years in Palermo Sophie has been working as a restorer in various fields and has been teaching conservation classes both at the University of Palermo and at the Academy of Art where she is currently in charge of a course on “ Technology of conservation materials”. She is consultant from 2013 to the City of Palermo where she works on the study of the decorated surfaces of historical monuments, she just accomplished a preliminary study on the Teatro Massimo, the main opera teathre.   

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