Margherita Dallai

She studied at the University of Florence, where, after her B.A. in Egyptology, in 2012 she obtained the  Master of Arts degree in Archaeology of Ancient Near East (with Prof. S. Mazzoni) with a study on the main funerary buildings witnessed in Hittite texts, trying to identify them by comparison with archaeological evidence available. Now she is a Ph. D student at the University of Florence with a research project on the intramural funerary hypogea and the practice of secondary burial in Mesopotamia between the II and I Millennium BC.
In these years she participated in excavation campaigns in Italy, Syria and, in particular, Turkey. Moreover, she takes part in a survey project in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Since 2013 she is collaborating with CAMNES, working on the project “CAMNESforKIDS” relating to archaeological fields school and school teaching for children of elementary and middle schools.

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