Emilia Vaccari

Born in Naples in 1976 where she studied at the School of Art and graduated as a ceramist. She attended the Faculty of Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Napoli. She moved to Turin in 2001 where she attended the school of restoration CESMA where she studied: cleaning, consolidation, retouching of the Roman 'frescoes and restoration of the archaeological pottery. Execution of gilding, cleanings and fillings of wooden works; consolidations of various media; linings of canvases; paint retouches (of oil paintings), with watercolor techniques: striped, color selection, camouflage, abstraction; knowledge and performance of buon 'fresco techniques, means cool and dry; painted on wooden tablet with egg colors. Consolidation and integration of stone material. She followed a specialization course in "Restoration" Chemistry at the School of Conservators and Artisans located at the headquarters of SERMIG in Turin. Participate in the Festival "Malastrana" of Cascina (PI) with the creation of a sculpture in raw clay entitled "Cassandra". Participation in a group exhibition in the old factory of Cuorgnè (To) with the work "The Wanderer", black white sequence of moving human figure (gouache on card). She worked for many companies in Piedmont, Umbria, Tuscany as a restorer of statues, 'frescoes, etc. including Moselli / Barrera of Turin, nineteenth-century frescoes in the Vault of the Senate of the Senate hall in Turin and of Emblems in seventeenth-century stucco, the same hall, at the firm DP Restoration of Mantua, the outdoor furniture of the Villa of the Queen gardens located in Turin (marble statues of the '600) at the COO. BE. C. Spoleto, of the Villa Amoretti 'frescoes and stucco located in Turin at the Cooperative of Firenze. As an archaeology she was sent at many sites as a specialist in stratigraphic investigations technician. Restoring archaeological finds in bronze, ivory, bone, silver, coins, shards of pottery finds from Roman tombs carved out of the territory of Buccino (Sa) of the VII-VI sec. BC, pottery of the '400 and' 500 from the Uffizi museum in Florence and finds from the archaeological museum of Rimini. Passion for art in all its forms. From 2016 she has qualified as Restorer and Restoration Technician and regularly registered in the MiBACT lists.
Currently he is a restorer and leads to CAMNES the course of archaeological restoration and is CAMNES-LDM Archeology Lab coordinator.
She is registered in the list of names authorized to exercise the profession of Conservator art. 182 and pursuant to art. 29 of the legislative decree 22nd January 2004 n. 42 (Code of cultural heritage and landscape).

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