Chiara Bernardini

Is professor of Etruscology and Italic Antiquities at the University of Bari (Italy). She degreed at the Tuscia University of Viterbo in Etruscology with a study about a late archaic Etruscan class of pottery, characterized by painted inscriptions (the Spurinas Group). She spent three years in Athens at the Italian Archaeological School for the course of Specialization in Classical Archaeology, concluded by a study on the Rhodes Island. In this time she dug in few Etruscan sites in Italy and in Greek sites in Crete and in Lemnos. After other three years studying for the Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology in the University of Pisa, she began teaching Etruscology in the University of Bari, in University Studies Abroad Consortium in Viterbo and in the Institut Lorenzo de’ Medici in Tuscania (VT). She collaborates with the University of Siena to study the pre-medieval phases of the Castel di Pietra settlement (GR), in order to write two monographic publications of the site. The first one, about the site, is already been published in 2009 and the second one, about the pottery, is in press. Now she is working at an European project about the Etruscan and Roman music (EMAP, European Music Archaeology Project, in collaboration with the Tuscia University at Viterbo, and she took part to the meetings in Viterbo (15-17 October 2014) and Berlin (27-28 March 2015) and to the International Conference Brass Instruments from Ancient Europe, in Viterbo, 11-13 November 2015.

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