INAUGURATION: Paolo Emilio Pecorella Library

October 18, 6:30PM - via del Giglio 15 Firenze

After the conferences of Peter Pfälzner and his collaborators on the Excavation Project of Qatna (here the details) at 6:30PM in via del Giglio 15 at CAMNES, will take place the inauguration of the Paolo Emilio Pecorella Library (Biblioteca Pecorella).

The collection of books that forms the core of the library was donated to CAMNES by the Pecorella Family, which will be present for the event.

The Library is composed by more than 2000 volumes concerning the archaeology and related subjects of the Ancient Near East and the Aegeum including a rare collection of works on cylinder seals.

The library is located within the CAMNES headquarters and will be open to the public by appointment.

All of the volumes have been organized, recorded and catalogued on-line and may be searched from the CAMNES website at the following PAGE